The workshops

There are three variants which are all based on the law of attraction and the lessons of Abraham Hicks:

  • Workshop for your team 1x 2 hours. Your team will never be the same again. You will get tips and a comprehensive explanation with illustrative examples so that you will enjoy your work. You will laugh and you will have new energy together. The workshop will stay you because you suddenly see certain relationships! And after the workshop you know how to get the best results for your team. It is really life changing and not only will your working life change but you will consciously complete your entire life.
  • The workshop with various enrollers consists of 3 parts of approximately 2 hours. Also very suitable for a self-assembled group. For example, friends, sports, entrepreneurs etc.
  • At events I give an introduction workshop with one energy exercise of approximately 2 hours. At the event of A + O (Labor Market and Training Fund) I give an upgraded energy class of 4-5 hours.

Price list

Are you looking for a one-on-one lesson? Then go to  Energy-Coaching.