Who it’s best for?

Enhanced Results

There are several trajectories for individuals, (medium-sized) companies and municipalities. The results lead to:

  • Better results by better focus;
  • More fun at work;
  • less absenteeism;
  • float recovery in illness;
  • empowerment;
  • team building.

Evaluations were completed by the participants of the municipality of Amsterdam. Click here to see the 2016 evaluations.

Departments within the municipality of Amsterdam that had the energy class.

  • School to work
  • Mobility
  • Summerschool
  • Train your colleague
  • Team day district South East
  • Work and Reintegration
  • From Work to Participation
  • Youth box

Also ideal for coaches, trainers and teachers. You learn a totally different approach based on the law of attraction.

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