The Energy-Class teaches you a new daily ritual. During this class, conscious, expressive and positive thinking are central. This class is given in a group. If you would rather go on a personal consultation, go to Energy-Coaching.

The purpose of this is to feel as positive as possible and start your day or week as well as possible. Choosing for positive thoughts and emotions is the basis of attracting positive events in your life.

The Energy-Class is a kind of mental yoga for your daily flow. During the Energy-Class, you will get acquainted with Abraham Hicks’s ideas and exercises, which you can apply to yourself.

With setbacks we all get to do and it will always stay that way. After this Energy-Class, you realize that you have control over your own thoughts and feelings. You are learning to listen to your emotions and to choose hopeful, positive, feel-good thoughts.

Of course, it’s not bad to cry or be crazy for a while, as long as you’re aware of it. It’s simple as ABC! If you know, you will not be able to return. Also ideal for teams!

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